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Dr. Penny Paterson


Went back to school with my 3 teenage boys and my husband…graduated Life West in California in ’02 …practicing in ’03 to now…small practice in White Rock after associating with Greg Anderson… decided to open a practice in the Interior with a view to living there…my husband is the main piano/music teacher at the Port Moody Arts Centre and he decided he did NOT want to retire after all…sigh…so I’ve been driving back and forth for a number of years… Wonderful people there…wonderful patients…no online presence because it was unneeded … My “style” : Very hands-on…muscle and fascia release, standard manipulation although I do cervicals mainly prone…I have a Leander/Cox table and cervical, thoracic, lumbar drop table…some activator especially if patients prefer “no cracking”. My philosophy of sorts is to be Kind!! …I’m the Doc but Patients are the Boss of their own body – so it’s all about working as a team. I suspect I’m pretty Old School… but I have had patients from 0 to 90 plus and many young athletes…I just tell everyone “I’ll do my very best! ” Much of my training is in Chiropractic Biophysics…all about restoring “proper ” curvatures in the spinal alignment etc with a great emphasis on “Good” posture and the ramifications of “Poor” posture…so some patients are doing home traction. I have a Shock Wave MP50 – did 3 seminars with Dr Gordon – the orthopaedic surgeon who has the Storz rights for Canada…love Love this device…does things I cannot so that’s a good thing 🙂 All in all, it is about moving people towards Wellness – an extremely Good Vision ! and I do my best to help.